You can easily share your Rumpus meeting link with guests before or during your meeting to collaborate with others. We'll show you how.

First, launch Rumpus and sign in.

Before starting the meeting

From your home screen, click Copy Meeting Link. Paste and share that link through a calendar invite, Slack message, email, etc. Guests click that link to launch Rumpus and join the meeting.

NOTE: If your guests have not downloaded Rumpus to their laptop, clicking the link prompts them to do so.

During your meeting

If you started your meeting but didn't copy your link, don't worry! You can invite guests anytime during the meeting.

Waiting for guests to arrive

Hover over the link (i.e., and click Copy Meeting Link. Paste this link in emails, Slack messages, or calendar invites for your guests to click and join.

Collaboration in progress

Anyone can silently invite others (so no disrupting collaboration, screen sharing, or chatting!) by clicking the Share Invite Link icon on the upper left of the toolbar.

Paste this link into an email, Slack message, calendar event, etc. and guests can join the meeting in one click!

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