Since anyone can share content at the same time, all shared screens appear in the Share Stack in the lower left of the Rumpus window. View or annotate shared content in a couple of clicks and see not only who shared that content, but who's viewing and reacting to it - without interrupting the meeting!

First, hover over the Share Stack to expand it. The teammate sharing the screen is displayed on the top of the thumbnail preview (above, it's Dave). Viewer badges in the lower right of the stack window tell you who's looking at that screen.

Tip: Click any shared screen to view it at full size. Any active video call then shrinks to the lower right of the Rumpus window to reduce screen clutter. To return the video call to full screen, click the thumbnail of the call (the shared screen also returns to the share stack). 

Happy Rumpusing! 🙏🏼

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