Rumpus provides a powerful, yet easy to use set of tools to make it easy for collaborators to work and communicate more effectively. To reduce screen clutter, Rumpus controls fade away after a few seconds and are brought back by simply moving your mouse/finger.

We designed Rumpus to be easy to work with! Let's briefly introduce each of these controls so you can get started right away.

A Closer Look

Invite Your Team

Invite others to your meeting by copying your personal meeting link and sharing it with your team through a calendar invite, chat app, or email.

Share Your Screen

Share your whole screen or just one of your open windows. Your content joins other shared screens in the Share Stack in the lower left of your Rumpus window.

Shared Screen Stack

Since everyone can share at the same time, all screens in sharing mode appear in the lower left of the Rumpus window. Hover your mouse to expand the stack to see who shared the screen on the top of the thumbnail preview, or scan the viewer badges to see who's viewing a shared screen on their laptop. Click any screen to view it at full screen.

Share Your Cursor and Annotate

Make your cursor visible to others viewing the same shared screen, and point out specific areas of importance.

To emphasize an item, click and draw to mark it up!

React with Emojis

Share your thoughts without saying a word! Simply choose your reaction and others will know how you feel in real time.

Viewer Badges

Viewer badges show who is looking at what content so you can follow the flow of the group without distraction or interruption. Emoji reactions appear here, too!

Video Conferencing

Rumpus makes it easy to toggle between colleagues and content. Video calls shrink while viewing content - just click the thumbnail of the call to return the video call to full screen. (You can use Rumpus in Voice Chat mode for audio-only meetings, too!)

Meeting Participants List

See who's here! Just click the user icon - the very first on the left - to see who and how many are there with you, so you can track who's come and gone.

End/Leave a Meeting

Click the red X to leave the meeting for you (a user) or everyone (if you're the host).

Camera and Mic Controls

Click the mic and camera buttons to mute your audio and/or video. When a button is red, the source is muted.

Device Settings

Choose which mic and/or video you want to use for the meeting - or update them during.

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