You can share your entire screen or an open application in Rumpus! Simply click Share My Screen to begin, and choose what you want to share from the content list.

Your content joins other shared screens in the Share Stack (located in the lower left of the Rumpus window). If you are first to share content, everyone sees it automatically.

You can see who's checking out your content by hovering over the Share Stack at any time. 

When sharing an open application, Rumpus foregrounds that window so you can begin interacting in the window. Shared content is highlighted with a green border. (Also, Rumpus icons fade out to minimize clutter; just hover toward the top of your window to bring them back.)

But that's not all: when your colleagues share their cursors, annotations, and emojis through Rumpus, you'll see them on top of your shared content so you get real-time feedback.

Done? Click Stop Sharing.

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