Rumpus is not a standalone video conferencing solution. It's likely that you already have a tool for that. It's also likely that you and your team need more than just talking heads. 

This is where Rumpus comes in—it works with your favorite conferencing tools to create a dynamic screen sharing and collaborative experience that invites team interaction. 

Rumpus removes the limitation of only being able to share one screen at a time in a meeting. Anyone can share content at any time–and, at the same time–to make meetings more efficient, to increase the exchange of information and knowledge, and to allow team members to contribute content without interrupting the meeting or distracting others. 

And, anyone can share their cursor, annotate screen content, and even react with emojis, without the hassles of wrangling permissions or interrupting others!

Rumpus works with video conferencing tools like BlueJeans and Webex by embedding (integrating) their video conferencing into Rumpus for a one-tool experience: Rumpus for content sharing and collaboration, and BlueJeans/Webex for communication, all from a single app!

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