RIP "Death by PowerPoint"!

Ever present to your team in a virtual meeting and wonder what everyone is thinking or doing? Yeah, us too! Well, never again. When you share your screen in Rumpus, Rumpus comes to you. See what your team is thinking, how they're reacting, and who's following along right from your shared app, all in real time.

Express Yourself Through Emojis 🙌🏾

Rumpus lets you react without disrupting who's speaking or sharing. Send emojis to support an idea, queue for a question, politely say "bye", or add some fun and personality! 🙌🏾

Just click the smiley face in the upper right of your Rumpus window and choose your reaction.

Emoji reactions appear on screen over your viewer badge as soon as you submit them, so you can use them while someone is presenting or even while you're presenting to others to drive a point home. 

Emojis are also a good way to express your reactions to content during a screen share only meeting that's not using video or audio!

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