Rumpus lets you meet and communicate on your terms. This includes how you choose to communicate.

If you signed up for Rumpus using built-in voice chat and later wanted to connect your video conferencing tool (or vice versa), we'll show you how.

NOTE: If your meeting is active, you'll need to end the meeting (click the red X icon) before switching tools.

Within Rumpus, simply click the Rumpus menu bar at the top of your laptop screen and select Preferences. (We'll wait!)

Next, click Connect, then click the apps drop-down selector to choose the tool (BlueJeans or Webex) you want to use. Click Sign In and enter your Webex or BlueJeans credentials. (We'll bring you back to Rumpus when you're done!)

That's it! You're now using your preferred conferencing tool. 🙏🏼

TIP: If you had to end your meeting to switch apps, simply let your colleagues know when you've restarted the meeting. Your Rumpus personal meeting link never changes, so collaborators can simply Join Meeting with the same meeting ID.

Upgrading to video integrated meetings? 

Read more about Rumpus with integrate video conferencing to learn more before you run your first meeting.

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