Scheduling Rumpus meetings is now faster and easier than ever when you use our Google Calendar Chrome extension. With this extension, you schedule your Rumpus meeting(s) directly from Google calendar. This allows you and your guests to join your meeting directly from a Google Calendar invite.

If you don’t have the Rumpus app yet, download it now before adding the Calendar extension.

Ready? Let's get started!

Install the Rumpus for Google Calendar extension

Head to the Rumpus for Google Calendar page in the Google Chrome store.

Click Add to Chrome.

Click Add extension.

When the extension is installed, the Rumpus icon appears at the top right of your Chrome toolbar, just next to your address bar:

Don’t forget—after installing the extension, you’ll need to refresh the Google Calendar page before you can schedule a Rumpus meeting from Google Calendar.

Sign in to use the extension

The first time you use the Rumpus extension, you'll sign in.

Click the Rumpus extension icon and enter the email address you used to sign up for your Rumpus account.

Check your email for the confirmation link. (Be sure to check your spam folder just in case!)

Click the green Sign In Now button to finish signing in. (Note: The link expires in five minutes. If this happens, simply enter your email to get a new link.) 

After signing in, a new page will open confirming that the Rumpus for Google Calendar extension is ready for use. Click the Schedule a Meeting button or Rumpus icon to get started.

Use the extension

You can schedule a Rumpus meeting by opening Google Calendar in your Chrome browser, or by clicking the Rumpus extension icon. We'll show you both.


Sign in to Google Calendar and click Create.

Fill out your meeting details.

Click Add Rumpus Meeting to include your Rumpus personal meeting link in the calendar invite.

Finally, click Save to send your invite.

Start a Rumpus

Click Start a Rumpus.

Click Open Rumpus.

Tip: You can launch your meeting automatically by ticking Always open these types of links in the associated app.Schedule a Rumpus

Click Schedule a Rumpus.

Fill out your meeting details.

View your Rumpus details or sign out

Your account details display the name and email you use with Rumpus, and your personal meeting link. You can also sign out of the extension.

Click Account Details.

That's it! 🎉 You can now launch the app or schedule/join a Rumpus meeting from your Chrome browser. 

Happy Rumpusing!

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